Living on campus And Living off campus

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Living on campus And Living off campus
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What do you think about living on campus and living off campus ? What kind of life do you like ? In my opinion ,living on campus is better . Why do I say that ? Let me give you the reasons.

First , 制霉菌素 living on campus is more funny . Don't be too quick to say no . Now , let me ask you two questions. Can you regularly meet friends who share your interest? Are you allowed to participate in entertainment activities regularly? The answer is no . Because,when you have leaved the campus,you will find that you have fewer friends to confide in ,新闻动态 and you must work hard just to make money which makes you have less time to relax yourself.Socend,living on campus is warmer . In other words , when you are living on campus you can get more attention . For example , your classmates will remind you to drink more water when you have a fever . However , if you leaved campus , you just get nothing or there is to no one find that you have a fever . Last but not least , living on campus is the purest time that you should not face the darkness of society .

In a word , I prefer to live on campus . If you hate living on campus , please try your best to like it . Don't look back and regret it .


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